Dirtiest Objects When Traveling

Can you imagine during a traveling in some place, it turns out we would often meet with objects that are included in the category are not hygienic. Of course we will ignore it, but these objects are frequently touched by many people before you.

A travel website, Lonely Planet in their article, provides an overview of these items, as follows:

1. Airplane toilet. Toilet is the dirtiest on a plane into a den of germs, because between the toilet and the sink are placed very close together. Just imagine when you want to brush your teeth in the plane.

2. Money. There are bacteria here, Staphylococcus and the dirty money to be found anywhere in the world. As stated by the New York Board of Health that found 135 thousand bacteria in a dirty money. So it is with the ATM.

A study by the University of Ballarat said the cleanest U.S. dollar is 20 turns keep germs. While most dirty could store 250 thousand germs.

While the currencies of Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and some money, in contrast to other currencies because it is made from a type of plastic and polymer materials. Money from the polymer save less than 10 germs per square centimeter.

3. Public transport. No need to wonder because thousands of people touching objects in trains and buses every day, so it is natural that here is an object full of bacteria with germs.

4. Computer keyboard. Statistics show that the average computer keyboard that is used by many people save bacteria 400 times higher than the newly flush toilets. Think back to using a computer in the hotel or internet cafe.

5. Other People. A study conducted at a station in New York showed that only 49 percent of people wash their hands after using the toilet.

Pretty awful after knowing this, but that does not mean we postpone a trip, isn't it?

(Source travelKompas, news.com.au /Image Heidi Klum)


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