Sandy Storm Cancel Thousands of Flights

It's really an unusual storm, a storm that formed in the Caribbean, then hit the east coast of the United States, Tuesday, October 30, 2012 and resulted in 11 people died in the United States and Canada, cut the electric power to millions of people in the east coast.

The Sandy Storm even caused flooding in several areas of New York and landslides occurred in New Jersey.

From the satellite observation in Atlantic City, known as the city of the tourist in the state of New Jersey suffered the worst damage by the storm.

Various U.S. airlines were forced to cancel more than 7,000 flights to and from the northeastern corridor, Sunday, October 28, 2012 until 9 pm local time, according to the article in

American Airlines plans to discontinue its flights in the Northeast on Sunday at 9 pm local time, delaying 140 flights on Sunday and pre-cancellations 1431 flight as much again from Monday to Wednesday.

U.S. Airways 2000 flight overturned, was determined by the city's decision to start its mass transit system shut down at 7 pm local time, when passengers can not possibly go to and from the airport, caused floods to postpone the trip.

JetBlue Airways Corp. canceled more than 1000 flights until Wednesday morning, also airline Delta Airlines Inc. to cancel 180 flights on Sunday and had to cancel hundreds of flights again on Monday.

Similarly occur in hotels, a variety of room rental cancellations from guests who could not reach their destination in the Northeast, an extension of stay for guests who can not leave the city, and orders room for people to leave their homes.

It was an unusual storm, although included in Category 1, the weakest storms classified with speed 118-152 km/h. The storm that resulted in the cessation of much activity, steps taken to minimize the impact of evacuation of Sandy Storm.

(Source Antara, Reuters, NHC, NOAA /Images Imelda Simanjuntak, NASA)


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