Come to Rio and Visit the Corcovado!

By Subhan SD

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Note: You may often see the statue of Jesus through the television screen, when the news about Brazil, especially the city of Rio de Janeiro. A journalist who recently visited the city writes his impressions in "Kompas" online media portal in Oase rubric, especially about Corcovado, meaning "hunchback" in Portuguese, is a mountain in central Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

An interesting article about this hill - the 710-meter (2,329 ft) granite peak is located in the Tijuca Forest, a national park that was at its peak stands a statue of Jesus.

In addition to cities in Latin America that are frequently visited by tourists, Rio de Janeiro up to now remains one exotic destination for world travelers.


They say if you have not been to Brazil to Rio de Janeiro. But, they also said, has not been to Rio de Janeiro when not to Corcovado.

If you often see in photos, postcards, or on television, a rock hill where stands a statue of Christ the Redeemer, which again spread his arms, so that's the Corcovado hill.

That is the popular icon of Rio de Janeiro, and possibly Brazil. The locations of Corcovado is in the western part and just minutes from Copacabana beach that which is also famous.

Corcovado National Park is located in Tijuca. Rio de Janeiro has two natural contours of the coast and hills. Among the natural conditions were also created deep bays into the mainland.

There is also a lake. With a blend of nature as it is, could imagine how beautiful Rio de Janeiro. From the heights, especially from Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro beauty face totally unobstructed at all, unless there is a cloud or rain.

Your eyes could sweep the beautiful scenery in all directions alias 360 degrees. Just up the hill stands tall the statue of Jesus.

From a distance it is visible because the color is white statue. Height of 38 meters which is 710 meters high hill. Below the statue was still functioning for chapel for mass events.

The cool air will probably make you linger in Corcovado. Sunday, November 12 ago, I had a breath of fresh air in Corcovado, and of course feast for the eyes to enjoy the beauty of Rio de Janeiro over the height.

A fascinating sight: blue sea, green hills and forests, the clear water, fresh air, the cool breeze and the bright morning sun. Aha, obrigado (thanks) Corcovado, Obrigado Rio de Janeiro...

November 15, 2012
(Source oaseKompas /Images wikipedia)

Subhan SD. A journalist, living in Jakarta.


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