Haunted Hotels when you Travelled

When you doing a tour and then choose a hotel, without knowing you are in a haunted inn or hotel. What can you do?

An article wrote some haunted hotels experienced by travelers in various parts of the world. Maybe you are interested in!

1. Burchianti Hotel in Florence, Italy. Some rooms at the hotel can satisfy your desire with an unique experience. Select Fresco rooms, travelers feel there is someone or something that was staring at them and felt a cold breath on their faces.

They heard the kids running down the hall and saw a woman knitting in a chair, and the waiters clean up in the early morning.

2. Langham Hotel in London, England. Hotel guests reported that they saw a male figure wearing a military uniform standing next to a window on the fourth floor. A prince of Germany who jumped from the window before World War I began. If you are lucky you can see former Napoleon III was guest in the basement.

3. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland. It is a place of Lady Catherine ghost who died from a broken heart. Some tourists said they had seen a ghost figure of Lady Catherine.

Often you hear a knock and scrapes along which he walked. Guests and hotel employees there who had reported that they felt someone pat on the back or pull them out of their hair. However, when they looked back, there was no one there.

4. Skirrid Mountain Inn in Wales, UK. This place is creepy, ghost of a prisoner who was executed by hanging in this place has haunted the inn since 1110.

Some are claiming that they felt there was a rope around their neck to strangle their sleep. In fact, some claim to "rope" is leaving a mark on their neck that left up to a few days.

5. Stanley Hotel in Colorado, USA. The story is quite unique in this hotel, a house keeper who died at the site in 1911 reported actually doing something unique to the guest in room 217. Ghost was "kindly" take the items from the luggage room and keep their stuff.

The sound of children running and laughing in the hallway on the fourth floor. Likewise, Stanley, owner of the hotel who had died, reportedly still love to play the piano in the music room.

6. Bear Hotel, in Hampshire, England. Hotel built in 1795 is reported, that they are often seen ghosts from the house keeper who died in room 22. They saw the ghost sitting on the edge of the bed they were sleeping.

7. Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Guests and hotel employees said that the hotel was built on the former prison in the war, haunted by the ghosts of the prisoners who were executed. The hotel put a roll of paper along the sacred China mantra in the lobby to banish the ghosts.

8. Tulloch Castle in Dingwall, UK. A castle that became an inn, a few guests who claimed they awakened in room 8 with the condition trouble breathing and feeling bound.

The room suddenly felt cold and the two women sat on the chest as if trying to make it difficult to breathe. Another guest saw a ghost in the former maid walked in the room Pink Room and the Great Hall. While other guests heard the door handle is rotated and other strange sounds in the night.

9. Toftaholm Herrgrd, Sweden. Often heard strange sounds they hear, the doors and windows closed itself, whereas before they leave open.

According to them, it is the act of a man who fell in love with the daughter of a nobleman who owned the place. The man then committed suicide by hanging herself in room 324.

(Source travelKompas, news.com.au /Images Langham Hotel, The Stanley)


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