Made in Britain market, London

Do not be surprised if you chose London for sightseeing, especially during major sporting events there, the London Olympics 2012, in an area called Central Saint Giles Piazza at 1 St Giles High Street, London at the weekend to see something different.

Even the sound of the music of British pop artists drifted in a corner, a street musician with a dismissive view of the surroundings. Good to hear!

A site write about the situation in the region on August 18, "Made in Britain market", "This summer market promotes British food products with a mouth-watering array of produce, prepared food and food-related products. Expect a good spread of charcuterie, pastries, drinks and cheese, along with more unusual stalls selling things like sparkling wine and cider, plus of course a wide range of fruit and veg produced by independent growers."

Yes, a new market was introduced on July 14, 2012 to the public in London, on every weekend, starting Friday through Sunday, open from early morning until 20:00 on Friday until 17:00 on Saturday, and 16:00 on Sunday.

All the dish according to the name of the market, all made in England, as much as possible. A female journalist, Susy Ivvaty wrote her impressions there, all the boards on the market written, "All the food came from England, if possible. Prepared in English. Packaged in the UK".

No need to wonder when you look at the pastry shop and bakery, grocery stores, restaurants, chefs gathered up in this market every week to sell. A walk to enjoy the holiday weekend, please stop by here. English muffin snack, tasting brownies and cakes, pies, drink wine, or shopping for a variety of cheeses.

"Fun is also no surprise the market like this. I also just found out. It may also try the bread occasionally so that the typical British also know more about its history." said a visitor, a student from Indonesia as written by Susy Ivvaty about a traveler there.

Muffins are totally different, a kind of bread, not cake, with fresh flavors and should be spread with butter, cheese, or butter if you want a little taste. Dough made from flour and yeast and then baked. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Increasingly difficult to find a truly original and distinctive English muffin, as well as parmesan cheese is said came from France, though all the ingredients come from England, if possible. Hahaa ...

Whether you are interested, come on try! While enjoying the Olympic events, isn't this an option to travel?

(Source, Susy Ivvaty - London, travelKompas /Images Wetty Sjahran - London)


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