Malaka Hotel Bandung, "When Budget Meet Comforts"

So this the hotel tagline, "When Budget Meet Comforts", the hotel management has thought of its own market share for the travelers who will visit the city of Bandung. You want to travel and earn a comfortable resting place?

The hotel is for you if your goal is to Bandung to stay or sleep at night and breakfast, it could be an option. A selection of the right for those who prefer the outdoors type activities rather than dwelling in the room all day.

Location of the hotel is in the center of the group joined in a network Amazed Hotel. They carry a clear concept for the lodger, when you get into the hotel, Bed & Breakfast, which can be categorized as a budget hotel.

Room rates are in accordance with the character ranging from Rp 350,000, with a minimalist atmosphere and energy efficient, with good quality neat. Look around the room, hanging paintings on the walls and windows to relieve the view to the outside.

Facilities with 48 bedrooms, 46 of which are superior rooms and 2 of which are suites concept of "Bed and Breakfast", AC, beds and pillows like a five-star hotel, telephone in each room, cable TV, free WiFi internet, bathroom with shower pampering, expansive parking lot.

Strategic location for you to reach the shopping center and tourist attractions, Riau Shopping "factory outlet" Arcades, Trans Studio, AA Museum, Pasar Baru Shopping Center, Airport Husen Sastranegera and Bandung Super Mall.

If so, immediately rushed. Bandung is waiting.


Malaka Hotel - Bandung

Jl. Halimun No. 36 Palasari
Bandung 40263
Phone: 62 22 730 3344
Fax : 62 22 730 3236

(Source travelKompas, detikNews /Images Malaka Hotel)


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