Sawarna, hidden beach in the south

After a couple of friends with diligent to send information about this beach along with the photos, then realized there was a real tourist attraction worth visiting as a tour destination. Sawarna beach in the southern province of Banten is initially hidden.

Even local residents in the District of Lebak, Banten though at first surprised by the arrival of this group of photographers to this area, they do not know why they become the new favorite.

It takes little effort to get to this area, but many paths to achieve it. Travelers from Jakarta need to pass through the city of Tangerang, Tigaraksa, then Malimping and Bayah area. Likewise for travelers through the city of Bandung can reach this beach, from the beach of Pelabuhan Ratu down to the west coast. With a little effort, will achieve this coastal region.

Hidden region not known to be a traveler's dream with its beauty, the waves decorate the space surrounding the beach. From the beach of Pelabuhan Ratu which most knowing before are within in a longitudinal line.

No other photographer's persistent efforts to take the panorama around the coast and then upload to the web sites and social networking sites make this area more widely known. Enjoy the charm of a row of beach there, Tanjung Layar, Karang Bokor, and Pulau Manuk.

In line with the tourists visiting this region, some homestay stand as needed with a relatively low rate, around Rp100 thousand per night per person including dinner, of course. Certainly need to consider a good season, avoid the traffic in recent years since the beginning of the month from October to November, to avoid the waves hitting the beach during the transition into the dry season to rainy season.

Dangerous season in the deep ocean waters, especially for traditional fishermen who have to deal with high winds with waves as high as 2-3 meters.

Sawarna, a hidden beach on the southern charm. Passion adventure awaits there.

(Sources L Pandjaitan, S Simanjuntak, travelKompas /Images Lucy Pandjaitan)


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