Coffee Festival 2012 Ubud Bali

Who does not like coffee? Drink coffee became very familiar in many circles, it may be all ages loved it, except for the consideration of children's health may be advised not to drink it.

Indonesia can be said as a coffee-producing country, in almost every corner of the country can be found a variety of types of coffee with different flavors as well. Starting from the west end, Aceh up to Wamena, Papua in the east of this vast country archipelago.

The basic problem in this country is doing "branding" on any coffee in the various provinces, for example, arabica coffee from Gayo, Aceh contained in the Gayo highlands, an area worth mentioning "the regions of coffee". Gayo Coffee is famous for its unique manufacturing techniques, coffee brewed with the way pulled, then filtered with the socks. Visitors will be surprised to see them brewing the coffee, so that the results are unique flavors.

Over half the population living in this region are coffee growers, where almost all their crops are exported to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Coffee from Indonesia into the world consumption, but the peoples do not know that the material basis of coffee comes from their country.

Coffee at the eastern end of the country, such as Wamena coffee from Papua arguably the best coffee with coffee flavor is soft when it hits the tongue, there's more unique encounter that is "tubruk coffee" (brewed coffee) which is typical of rural coffee drinks.

Ministry of Tourism once organized an event meant to introduce the widespread of coffee, as to what the 'feel' of coffee from Indonesia. Coffee Festival 2012 which will be enlivened by the participants of the producers of coffee, coffee farmers, spa that use coffee as their spicy mixed, until the restaurant that use coffee in their menu.

The festival will take place in a city that became an icon of tourism in Indonesia, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, exactly at Museum Puri Paintings, Ubud on 15 to 16 September 2012.

The event is intended for anyone, not only fans of coffee of course, visitors will see and know the coffee ranging from upstream to downstream, starting from the time of planting coffee to get served in coffee cups, as well as other events such as barista workshops, coffee bazaar and even provided a tour to the coffee plantation in Kintamani, Bangli district.

Would you like to you to attend, should this can be one option for travelers while on the island of Bali. Interesting choice while enjoying the spectacular natural Ubud.

(Source Ministry of Tourism, Antara News, travelKompas /Images Awii "De Clabu" Sitompul, Bali Discovery)


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