Disneyland at Shanghai opened in 2015

Childhood dream of playing in a theme park inspired by Walt Dysney apparently increasingly global. In 2015 the first Disney resort in mainland China operations shortly, so reported by The Shanghai Daily, Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

The Shanghai Disney Resort will be located in an area of 3.9 km2 in Pudong, Shanghai, which include Shanghai Disneyland, two themed hotels, in the area there will also be a big mall, dining and entertainment, recreational facilities, lakes, parking lots and means of transport.

Both the hotel with seventh floor near the entrance to the south and to the west of the resort has a panoramic waterfront and lake, with an area of respectively 64.750 and 80.937 square meters, equipped with banquet hall, bus stops and parking for 300-400 automobile.

The children in the country would be welcome to play there, a theme park that is guaranteed to satisfy even though the adults.

Dysney dream with his brother Roy O. Disney is ensuring endless excitement to the world of childhood, which has manifested itself in the mainland United States. We have several custom cartoon character of his work, "Mickey Mouse", then the story continues to imprint on the hearts of children worldwide as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and even animated stories "The Lion King" up to the present has been countless more.

Dysney innovation works results well not stop spread until the city of Shanghai finally started to build the theme park since April 2012, and tourists quickly glance at this location as one of the optional tours, of course.

Shanghai will be a world-class tourist destination in the next five years, although there have been Disneyland Hong Kong who was also in this country. The more choices, can certainly provide flexibility for future travelers with a variety of considerations.

(Source travelKompas, The Shanghai Daily /Images wikipedia, dysneyandmore blog)


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