Baron Indah Hotel Solo: Stay there while shopping batik

Can imagine when staying at a hotel adjacent to a settlement of batik craftsmen? A cheap hotel that can be said is a strategic location, because it is not far from the shopping center of batik, and a pavement of hawker center.

Baron Indah Hotel in Solo is located at Jalan Dr. No Rajiman. 392, Laweyan, Solo has these advantages, the management of the hotel knowing it. They even prepared a typical city's transportation services, namely becak (rickshaws) and andong (horse cart) to facilitate the visit to the batik village industry, and the typical batik village that processed by the craftsmen with its long history since 1546.

Hotel guests will really enjoy the atmosphere of the city has to offer slow compared to other big city atmosphere which tends to react quickly and filled the vehicle.

When entering the hotel environment prepared by the atmosphere of a typical Javanese architecture complete with carved ornaments here and there, some statues show puppet characters.

If you've decided to stay, there are several types of rooms to choose from, the Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Executive Room with a starting price range of Rp338.000 per night and include breakfast. Equipped with air conditioning and television of course.

What if you take along the family? Oh, do not worry choose a room type Executive Suite Room is spacious and representative, you will be satisfied with all the facilities including meeting rooms and banquet hall.

Staying at this hotel while enjoying the atmosphere of a typical old days of Javanese in a peaceful and beautiful village in Laweyan. Surely an unique tourist attraction in itself.


Baron Indah Hotel
Jl. Dr. Radjiman No. 392
Laweyan - Solo - Jawa Tengah
Telp. 0271 - 729 071, 733 990
Fax. 0271 - 732 090

(Source R Pradana, M Imam, travelKompas /Images Baron Indah Hotel, R Pradana)


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