Where's the most tourist friendly destinations in the world?

Imagine planning a trip to some country, then you read this. What happens if you want to go where's the local was hostile? Let's hope it does not happen, right? It should be.

Indeed many of the recommendations before we go to a tourist destination, one article that compiled a popular tourist site, Lonely Planet. They based the announcement on the issue of the Lonely Planet book "1000 Ultimate Experiences".

"Most friendly countries in the World", the title is quite interesting to study further, if such a thing that we will meet later on there? Countries that receive foreign travelers with a warm and friendly version of Lonely Planet come from different continents such as Asia, Europe, the United States, and even Africa.

Let us look at each one an outline of the travelKompas site citing news about these countries.

Fiji. They welcome guests with a good, considered the most hospitable people in the world, welcome given by the smile.

Samoa. Island nation located in the Pacific Ocean is competing with Fiji as a country teramah. Its people warm and friendly and able to leave a lasting impression for newcomers.

The United States. Apparently the people of President Obama is pretty friendly country to foreign travelers. They welcomed him to know the best places in their country.

Malawi. Known as the most friendly people in Africa, the tribes in this country live in harmony side by side. Pleased to invite foreigners and tourists are welcome to come open.

Turkey. Be prepared to receive a warm welcome and love to pamper guests, tea is served, until the time for talking was served.

Scotland. Scottish people have a personal warm, open, and humorous spirit. Tourists love this.

Ireland. They like the humor shades like black comedy. Open to foreigners. Attitude themselves are prominent on the nature of optimism, despite the difficult situation and even in a state that is not possible though.

Thailand. Thai people have been known since long as a nation that is easy to get along and smiling.

Vietnam. War is never hit, but the Vietnamese people with friendly smiles and welcoming tourists to their country.

Indonesia. The islands with diverse tribes and cultures. But one thing in common, travelers are greeted smiles of the people of this country that stretches from Aceh to Papua. Seems to be the friendly nature of their basic properties. They like to greet newcomers and would take time for their guests.

(Source travelKompas, Lonely Planet /Image Helena Nina)


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