Avoid arguments with your spouse when traveling!

It felt quite strange when read an article written on an internet site about a fight that could happen to two lovers when they travel. Certainly never an unusual case, a trip will want to look for freshness, entertainment, reducing the daily routine, as a special moment has been waiting for.

Couples who fight when they tour it might happen, so says a survey conducted by the site www.latedeals.co.uk of England, where the survey said there were 10 of the biggest reasons why couples fight while traveling. Do you want it to happen?

Further said during the two-week trip out of town or out of state, 75 percent of couples fight at least twice, according to the survey, ussually the man looked at another woman in the pool and beach, the biggest reason for the anger that led to the couple quarrel. It makes sense right?

Men also have a logical reason to get upset at her partner, women are often a long dress or packing of goods, and clothing to be brought, that's make the partner to be less patient. Hum...

10 reasons to consider the logical then.

1. The man looked at another woman in the pool or beach.
2. The lack of agreement to perform an activity. Men prefer active operations. While women prefer leisure activities such as sunbathing on the beach.
3. Eat where and what to eat.
4. Drinking too much alcohol.
5. An argument while driving in a foreign country, especially when reading a map.
6. Contention when packing or repacking of goods to be taken. Men carrying too little, while the women carry too much.
7. Women too old to be dressing up for dinner.
8. The quarrel caused by spending too much money.
9. What time should head to the airport.
10. Argument about the value of foreign exchange by value of the currency itself.

(Source news.com.au, travelKompas /Image F Benjamin)


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