Old building in Berlin, too good to pass up!

European cities are always fascinating, especially when looking at an old buildings hundreds of years age, try first to the old city of Berlin. You'll be awed admiration, too beautiful historic buildings. Do not miss out!

Although generally there extreme cold temperatures, even at night can reach 24.8 Fahrenheit (minus 4 Celsius) and the afternoon around 41 F does not mean travelers will refuse to come to this city.

Where the main objective? Brandenburger Tor or Brandenburg Gate is a former city gate and one of the main symbols of Berlin which was rebuilt late 18th century as the triumph of neoclassical arches. Located between Pariser Platz and Platz des 18. März and is the only remaining gate of the previous entrance to Berlin.

This gate had been damage suffered in World War II, but survived during the war and is one of the few structures standing in the ruins of Pariser Platz in 1945. Do not miss to capture in a photograph when it has a chance to get there, let alone a long history in the past will complete the story later. Great!

Progress made in the present tourists will not be difficult to find hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, and cafes, all set in the atmosphere of the old building as the main ornament.

Berlin has always been a tourist destination given its history, weary legs would not even go to other attractions, started the removal of Unter den Linden, the famous street with linden trees which led directly to the royal residence. Lies the Reichstag building, founded in 1894 and now used as the parliament of the German Empire.

Ah, tourists are always fascinated by the atmosphere, its history, look at Checkpoint Charlie was the most frequently seen in the movies, with memories of the collapse of the Berlin Wall when the policy of Glasnost and Perestroika engulfing eastern Europe, and many memories when you're there.

The old city always brings a lot of pictures of the past, stories that have been passed, the inspiration for living a better future.

(Source PE Dundu - Kompas Cetak, wikipedia, Edi Indra /Images Edi Indra Nugraha)


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