10 most travelers countries to Bali

Bali has an unique characteristic that is inherited to the present including the arts, architecture and sacred place. In fact most of this unique resemblance to the land of China, a relationship that extends from the past in the XII century.

Pay careful attention to the use of the old Chinese currency (pis holes) in various religious ceremonies for Hindus in Bali until now still preserved. The improving state economy makes tourists from China increased significantly on holiday to Bali.

According to data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali, Chinese tourists to Bali more and more, so it ranks second only to Australia from the top ten countries for both suppliers.

They enjoy art, culture and natural scenery of Bali since the first semester of 2012, an increase of 53.27 percent over the first half from a year earlier to 163,084 people.

Both countries of origin are recorded in the statistics bureau showed significant improvement. There is always something that suggests indidual for every heart of the travelers once they set foot on the island.

Here are the 10 countries of travelers origin visiting Bali (semester early Jan - June 2012):

1. Australia
2. China
3. Malaysia
4. Japan
5. South Korea
6. England
7. Taiwan
8. Singapore
9. Russia
10. United States

(Source BPS Bali, Antara, travelKompas /Image Sonny Wisaksono)


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