Bali Bike Daily 2012: Cycling, enjoying nature and win the race!

Anyone who likes to ride with a decent distance away on an exotic island? Ah, this is certainly interesting, isn't it? An event called Bali Bike Kompas Daily 2012 is intended to arouse the local community and the general public as participants.

When you see far enough mileage, it's natural if only long-distance cycling enthusiasts participating. There is enthusiasm from the general public, of course, their participation was limited to 'fun' without much effort just participated in all the routes offered by the organizers, and that's fine.

Despite the response from the public, the organizers of this bicycle cruising, the Kompas daily mass media limit the participants maximum 100 people.

The route as far as 300km over three days, starting on September 14 to 16, the route is divided into three days starting from Nusa Dua > Bypas Benoa > Bypas Sanur > Jl. Batubulan > Campuhan Ubud > Goa Gajah > Jl. Gianyar > Semarapura > Museum Kertagosa > Jl. Padangbai until the Candidasa as far as 102 km.

Then on the second day the route a distance of 62 km from Candidasa > Amlapura > Bebandem > Muncan > Rendang > Menanga > Abang Batudinding until Kintamani and the last day on September 16 (122 km), from the Candidasa continue to Bukit Penulisan > Catur > Jembatan Tukad Bangkung > Bedugul > Baturiti > Taman Ayun > Mengwi and ends at Bentara Budaya Bali Ketewel, Gianyar.

Route that would deplete the physical endurance of participants, but when you see the route, soon came to the heart, the participants will be pampered with the natural scenery of Bali, the exciting experience and entertaining, hard to find elsewhere.

Emission-free traveling well in line with the mission of the organizers as well as cycling in the outdoor area.

(Source natgeo, bali-bike kompas, travelKompas /Images Sonny Wisaksono, bali-bike.kompas)


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