TouristPads treat the tourists who come to Singapore

A company that leases the gadget named TouristPad since Wednesday, July 18, 2012 providing a service that can spoil the tourists who come to Singapore. Who would not like?

Tourists who understand the ins and outs of internet connection will certainly not miss this opportunity, just imagine if a tourist using the internet service of the country of origin, then the bill will rise sharply exposed the roaming connection.

Meanwhile, with the service they can surf TouristPads and unlimited data access, especially the service of this company is an iPad tablet with 3G facility and Wi-Fi application is also equipped with local travel attractions in Singapore, Singapore+Travel Apps.

When you access their site on the website address in, there is described the cost of just 30 Singapore dollars per day and a security deposit of 800 Singapore dollars for the loan. Another case is described in detail in there.

What is the procedure?

1. Send an e-mail. Rental period, date & time of collection, pick-up location.
2. See the e-mail Reply. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
3. Delivery. They deliver the TouristPad, charger, cable and Apple iPad Smart Case to your chosen location. Payment is collected on the spot. Do Provide them a legal form of ID for verification purposes as you will be asked to sign a simple rental contract for a hold amount of S$800 on your credit card. This amount will not be deducted as long as the TouristPad is returned to us in good condition.
4. Return. Once the TouristPad is returned to us at your chosen location, the hold amount will be lifted Immediately.

Services company that was founded by the dynamic trio of entrepreneurs in Singapore are really want to spoil tourists. In keeping with their motto of its founding, traveling and technology were made for each other.

Technology rightfully so, will the more easily be found that will make tourists like their choice in the destination country.

(Source touristpads /Images touristpads, J Mudas)


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