River Tourism at Martapura

No doubt when you venture down the river with a lot of splitting apart the southern island of Borneo, specifically centered around the city of Banjarmasin or also known as the "Land of Banjar". The city does have a number of rivers in excess of the cities in the world, such as Bangkok, Venice, Amsterdam and Sydney.

River tourism is interesting in trying to trace the natural beauty and diversity of the river - the river and could be one of tourist destinations, shopping can be a variety of primary needs, rafting and so forth. According to the records can be found about 104 large and small rivers and 74 streams which are still functioning properly.

The city will be very beautiful and interesting if you are an adventurer, down the river by river. Excess of this city is a natural floating market presence that does not exist elsewhere, such as Lok Baintan Floating Market is located on the River Martapura, Banjar regency.

In addition you can see floating villages that grow naturally, the activity of river-based industries, settlements along the river, and the various cultures that are all related to the river a lure for a river cruise. Many unexpected things that make you impressed by the uniqueness of the river.

Banjarmasin which has an area of approximately 72 square kilometers of territory drained nearly all the large and small rivers. Large rivers such as Barito River and Martapura River.

Visitor attraction to the floating market is of course that was before the crowds during hours 7-9 hours in the morning, the atmosphere is still traditional! Merchants selling to the traditional boats (jukung). Various agricultural and plantation on the river has to offer.

Feel the sensation in the middle of the merchants, fruit, vegetables, clothes sold on the boats. This unique transaction with the merchants is when you take part in a boat that can be rented. Market moving with the flow of the river, so that the boat is always unstable constantly changing position. Interesting and unique!

(Sources H Zainudin-oaseKompas, M Hidayat /Images Richard S Pelupessy)


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