Baliem Valley Festival become more exciting!

Often seen from photographs that are uploaded on social media sites are sent by some friends describe their journeys to various places in the world, always invite admiration. They were able to go traveling so far, but apparently there is an area that is overlooked.

Papua region in eastern Indonesia, as if the area is considered to be so vague, no. Seeing the potential that exists there, it even looks and tourists from America, Australia and Europe like this region, thanks to promotion via the internet and travel agents in various countries.

Besides the charm that can not be doubted in the tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat is widely recognized by the sport diving enthusiasts, there are many top events in the region. For example, the new ending is Sentani Lake Festival, and now that will be held in early August, exactly on December 8 to 11 August 2012.

Baliem Valley Festival is a unique celebration of the Dani tribe, Papua, held in the foothills of Mountains Jayawijaya called the Baliem Valley. Festival as an example it is better known in other parts of the world, Europe for example. Travel agents from Europe include this event in their travel agenda as one of the festival is worth selling to the public tours.

Travelers have the unique offerings of local attractions in the form of war dance, traditional dances about nature, traditional songs, and do not forget the uniqueness of local handicrafts. If you've visited other parts of the world, but that this would not be found in other parts of the world.

Natural charm than the Raja Ampat region can also be seen in this valley, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, white sand, and most importantly 'eternal snow' which comes from the mountains of Jayawijaya.

Baliem valley may be difficult to gain access to it, but when looking at the frequency of flights from Jakarta, all possible, as soon as you arrive at Wamena Airport, all possible to achieve the goal. Likewise, accommodation, other than a resort that has been built in several locations that facilitate tourists. There is also a homestay with an atmosphere typical of the Baliem Valley.

If you like adventure, it's here!

(Source MPPI, travelKompas, Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy /Images Daniel Rattu)


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