The hidden Lembeh Island

Indeed, when referring to the island, the question always arises, where is this place? For most tourists who have visited Bunaken Marine Park, will soon forget this place. Does anyone really know this place?

Of course, for fans of the diving sport, Lembeh Island is no stranger to them. True, one of the favorite tourists activities are diving on the island. One of the managers of diving there is Dirk Ernest, Bastianos Diving Resort, with a cozy cottage for a vacation, as well as a full scuba gear equipment. Availability of cottages can satisfy the tourists who visit the resort to enjoy the charm of the sea park around them.

Lembeh Island is located on the south side of Bitung a natural fortress that protects the Port of Bitung of ocean waves, so no wonder Bitung harbor known as the unique natural harbor, 12 km long stretch of water separating the island and the Sulawesi mainland.

Of course we'll be mesmerized when you see the beauty of the panorama at the bottom of the sea, there are differences when compared to Bunaken marine park, black sand and marine life is unique, such as the pygmy seahorse, mimic octopus, ghost pipefish, as well as other unique species.

Well, forget about diving first, what about the culinary there? Marine tuna fish would be a typical food of this region, even if not as complete as the mainland Manado, North Sulawesi with a variety of choices, but can eliminate the sense of wonder when they arrive on the island.

The charm of the natural beauty of the earth waving palm trees can not be denied again, but less complete if you do not burn the tongue with grilled tuna. Please try the grilled tuna with rica-rica (a spicy sauce!), can make you feel a jolt to shake up the tongue, spicy but delicious.

Lembeh island hidden in the south of the city, separated by the Strait of Lembeh, but keep its own charm.

(Sources suarasulut, infokotabitung, beritamanado /Images Nita Kermitte)


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