Chicken Satay Blora is not always from Blora

Typical cuisine and easily found in Indonesia, various types of satay with chicken meat as the basic materials, even if you're lucky to see other types of meat such as goat/lamb, skewers of lizards satay or other meat-based ingredients that are certainly more expensive seasoning blend along with a tempting tastes and flavors.

Not necessarily the way to try to find a commonly known satay, Chicken Satay Blora. Blora show where the origin of the seller of the Blora, Central Java. The menu is then developed in such a way that other sellers try with a new flavor.

Chicken Satay Blora made of chicken meat is cut into small pieces, prick stick with grilled skewers directly in front of the customer, complete with a typical rig satay. Long wooden chairs to eat satay, so if you want to add can order directly from the bridge of satay.

The marinade, humm... Given a smear of soy sauce using garlic seasoning, brown sugar and coriander. When grilled over hot coals rather than just the smell of charred onion and sugar to spread but also the unique scent of coriander.

To look directly at the menu making, you'll get the usual complement skewers served on a piece of teak leaves is the peanut sauce, soy sauce, fried onion, raw onion and chili pepper. then immediately mixed with peanut sauce seasoning, and broil is ready to be applied to the sauce.

It was certainly tasty, slightly sweet and spicy collided with chicken meat resilience. If not satisfied immediately add the yellow gravy sauce, there is a difference you shake the sensation on the tongue. Sauce made from coconut milk diluted with savory garlic is also delicious.

Still not satisfied? No need to rush, yellow gravy sauce poured into the rice cake or rice, and flavored skewers are inserted into the mouth, bite right away, the sensation of the tongue getting crazy!

Some of the following places can be recommended.

Sate Blora
Jln Balai Pustaka Timur Rawamangun
Jakarta Timur

Sate Blora Cirebon
Jl. Pesanggrahan 24
Jakarta Barat

Pondok Sate Blora 'Remaja'
Jl. Panglima Polim Raya No. 62
Jakarta Selatan

(Sources Shinta Handini, N Kartika, detikFood /Images Shinta Handini)


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