Two missing American divers found in the Sepi Bay

Actually this is an attractive option for them when choosing the blue water of Sepi Bay, Sekotong, West Lombok, located at the south area of West Lombok district with the potential to offer the charm of coastal marine, pearl charm contained in its waters, various kinds of ornamental fish and the green mountains behind it.

Collection of small islands called the "gili" by local residents, a stretch of white sand beach on Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis that make you tempted to immediately plunge into the azure waters there. Take a look at a long coastline on the beach of Sekotong bring the beauty of white sand and clear sea water, graded.

If you're lucky particular time of the season on the beaches of gili will be found many fishermen fishing on the beach, they do not have to go down deep into the ocean. Everything looks so virgin and a sense of inner quiet, just quiet sound waves slammed the coastline.

Joseph Summer and Lisa Summer are diving sports fans, they have long been obsessed with exploring the waters around the coasts of the island of Lombok. The journey is far from their country and one day they met a tour guide, Pi'i. And this weekend they chose Sekotong coastal waters, given the choice dive spots in the area there are very exotic, though sometimes under water currents often change suddenly unexpected.

The situation is not favorable to them, the underwater current can not be controlled, on Saturday, July 21, 2012 around 9 am local time they were missing. Local residents immediately reported this incident to the head of the village.

Mataram SAR Agency who obtained the report on Saturday at 13 pm noon local time immediately conduct a search through the sea and land route using the rubber boats and combing beaches around the Sepi Bay. The search continued until Sunday afternoon by Basarnas' helicopter.

Sunday afternoon, finally the pair of divers from the United States is found in safe condition, lying limp helpless in the settlement of fishermen in the Bay of Mekaki, Sekotong. Mataram SAR Agency is currently trying to evacuate them to a nearby hospital or local government Community Health Centers (Puskesmas) in West Lombok.

Mataram SAR Chief Operating Agency, citing news from, Sunday, July 22, 2012 said, "When we find them in local resident's house, it turns out they were in a limp helplessness state, so it must be evacuated to the hospital," he said.

They can survive, although the location is quite difficult to reach and far from the city of Gerung, West Lombok, pick-up process as soon as possible. A thrilling experience.

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