Philippine Airlines flights to Bali

Bali remains a favorite destination for day trips for the Filipino, so the news contents of a portal on the internet. Of course, these opportunities will not be passed by the state airline.

Citing news from the site, July 24, 2012, the Philippine Airlines has opened the route twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday with the route from Manila to Denpasar. While the reverse route Denpasar-Manila are also available twice a week, ie Thursday and Sunday.

Eligible for joy of course for the airline passengers, hopes to travel to the neighboring countries to the south, especially Bali, the natural charm and unique culture that will not disappoint.

Filipino tourists are not significant but the tendency to increase from year to year, based on Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy of Indonesia, in 2011 there were 50.493 tourists from the Philippines.

Philippina is an archipelagic country with a tourist attraction that is not less unique, nature, mountains, beaches, culinary and cultural uniqueness. In many ways this country has unexpected similarities that may reminds them of the nature and culture in Bali.

Even for some Bali local residents familiar soon when they see the tourists from the Philippines, which does look like so quickly established familiarity during their visits to the sights.

If they had known of Bali, was incorrect when it introduced the attractions on the island opposite the island of Lombok who will enchant them also.

(Source /Images Rakhmad Hidayat-MPPI, Philippine Airlines)


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