Thailand focus on medical tourism

Despite Thailand is known as one of the interesting world tourist destination with many unique options for them, Thailand's tourism agency tries a new focus, a medical tourism and other types of herbal and traditional medicine.

Interesting choice considering the types of tours like this are also developed in neighboring countries, like Indonesia. Tourist visits to the specific needs of this increased sharply compared with previous years.

As quoted from asiaone and healthKompas site, the officials of health department of Thailand, Somchai Pinyopornpanich said tourist arrivals soared to 2.2 million visits in 2011 compared to previous years which only account for less than 2 million.

According to them there are also other types of tourists with special needs, such as foreigners who are living in Thailand, tourists who take advantage of their visit to take medication, and tourists who deliberately to seek treatment. Types of services provided range from orthopedics, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, and dental care.

Likewise, if you see the tourists' home countries with special needs, such as from Japan, the United States, Britain, Middle East, and Australia. This is not a viable opportunity ignored. Thailand has started, as well as Indonesia are easily found where similar treatment around the area of ​​Ubud, Bali or in Jakarta and Bandung also in Indonesia.

Government of Thailand can be very alert to opportunities in tourist arrivals, of an idea like this can be a hallmark of tourism in the countries of Southeast Asia, and do not always sell the beach or perhaps a unique culinary. There is always a new breakthrough.

(Source asiaone, healthKompas /Images RumahSpaBali)


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