Linekers Ibiza welcomes Mario Balotelli

Do you remember his great action on the Euro 2012 soccer matches in Poland-Ukraine last month ago? What do you think about his ability with the ball?

No one doubts, especially if you are the soccer fans who saw the match on Friday, June 26, 2012, in Warsaw, Poland. Italy threw Germany through acrobatic stunts of Mario Balotelli, Italy 2-0 Germany. Happy days for Italian’s soccer in memory of the semi-final match.

Currently, he wants to forget all the things related to soccer, to undergo a summer vacation with his latest girlfriend, Vanessa Lawrens. He visited Saint-Tropez, France, and the journey still continues to a small island covering an area of 571.6 square km, Ibiza Island, 79 miles off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain.

The island of Ibiza has been known for a long time in the world for tourism, even attached to the night life there and the accompanying music from noon until the nighttime. Who does not know? Balotelli liked the atmosphere there!

A beach bar in Ibiza, Linekers, reminiscent of the former name of the famous soccer player from England. Indeed, the owner is the brother of Gary Lineker. The club is frequented by a number of British soccer players, like Joe Hart, Andy Carroll and Michael Carrick.

Of course Linekers is one of the busiest bar in San Antonio. A lively night life there, the services of top DJs, Grant Collins and Sam Dungate play all the latest house and Ibiza anthems. Sport coverage throughout the summer, day and nighttime parties and large terrace to sit and enjoy that famous Ibiza sunset.

No wonder then if Balotelli feel the desire to visit Linekers, along with 20 other friends, he held a big party. It's a great promotion for the club, Balotelli as the magnet, especially when considering his prowess on the soccer field.

Bar owner, Wayne Lineker said that his presence became so great that night. He really spent a lot of money, it's beyond belief!


Linekers Bar
Avenguda Dr Fleming 12
San Antonio
San Antonio 07 820
Telephone 0034 971 34 76 48

(Source Linekers Sports Bar site, travelKompas /Images Linekers Ibiza Pages)


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