A Day in Gunungkidul

By Prima Widi Hatmi

When hearing the word of Gunungkidul, at first barren mountains looming to the contours of the rocks. In fact it is correct most of the mountains rock, but still green. The existence of cliffs in the area made the scene of Gunungkidul really exotic and captivating. In some places combined with panoramic beach and the waves below.

One area of ​​mountain tourism in the region of Mount Nglanggeran. This tourist area is located in the district Patuk, Gunungkidul, Wonosari. This area consists of several mountains, each of which is believed to have had a legend and historical value, such as: Mount Kelir, Mount Bagong, Mount Blencong, Mount Gede and Mount Buchu. Because the legend is the name of the mountain there is named from the wayang figures.

In this area there are no hotels, but tourists may be able to prepare for the camping activities. For young children are preferred for camping. This can be done while enjoying a very beautiful sunrise among the tops of towering mountains, rhythmic harmony with the morning mist. To enjoy the spectacular scenery in the Nglanggeran tourist area, it needs the spirit and physical stamina for the adventure.

Way up from one scene to the post next post done by foot, although starting with a lightweight hiking paths that already exist. Let's not rainy season, because during the rainy season is definitely slippery roads.

The more high the climb, the more beautiful scenery can be enjoyed. Somewhere at the top, there is a fairly spacious area. When the team is ready to set up a tent to stay, then it could linger in this area while waiting for sunset and sunrise the next morning without a hitch, except the tops of the mountains which add to the beauty of the panorama.

Gunungkidul, though day always brings a sense of comfort.

Yogyakarta, July 8, 2011
(Images Wahid Ar, Yogyakarta)


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