TripIndex help tourists to use their money

Does that exist in the tourist mind who will travel to a destination country? Of course need careful planning for it, including the budget available in addition to other things that would need to be considered, in order to be a comfortable trip. Sure.

Recently on June 13 a world-renowned travel site, TripAdvisor announced TripIndex 2012 via their website. The news was worthy of scrutiny by many tourists who conduct their activities in the cities of destination, try to learn the contents about the things that they made.

TripIndex conduct cost comparisons to enjoy a night for two people in 48 cities in the world tour. Budget to be crucial for the tourists, while with the TripIndex later the tourists can weigh anything they will get with their own costs.

What TripIndex do? As quoted from the travelKompas site, TripIndex count (in dollars) based on the total cost of staying one night in a four star hotel, cocktails, dinner, appetizers and main form with a bottle of wine and the cost of round-trip transportation by taxi (two trips to the distance each about 3.2 km). Accurately calculated the cost per period June 1 to August 31, 2012.

Travelers soon learn the town anywhere in the world that has a category where the city is expensive and also the cheap category.

For example, we can certainly see Hanoi, Vietnam offers the most affordable TripIndex cost to spend the night with a total cost of 141.12 dollars compare to London that has TripIndex cost more than triple tops the list as most expensive city at a cost of 518.01 dollars.

Hotels as a primary consideration, with the average cost is the most affordable hotel in Bangkok 81.13 U.S. dollars per night. While hotels in Jakarta, including the most expensive in the eighth position with a cost of 124.24 U.S. dollars per night.

Southeast Asia dominates the low-cost cities such as Hanoi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Most expensive cities in Europe, such as London's most expensive, followed by Oslo, Zurich, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow and Copenhagen.

A journey, wherever necessary purpose of planning. Cost, the best time, set schedules, accommodations, transportation, local culture, cuisine, language and a lot of factors into consideration. Enjoying it is certainly another issue.

(Sources TripAdvisor, travelKompas /Images Wetty Sjahran)

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