Rendezvous @Melaka

By Prima Widi Hatmi

Saya mau tamasya, berkeliling-keliling kota, hendak melihat-lihat, keramaian yang ada...
Saya panggil supir becak, kereta tak berkuda, becak-becak... coba bawa saya...

I would like sightseeing, drove around town, going to see, the crowds are there...
I called my rickshaw driver, was riding the train, rickshaw, rickshaw... I try to take it...

That's the piece of kindergarten-school songs that I could remember. Rickshaw (becak in locals) that was singing, because it is equipped with a tape recorder also loudspeakers. In addition to singing, tricycle-rickshaws (becak) were also dressed up with various series of plastic flowers wrapped around their body. That's the unique transportation to get around the old historic city of Melaka, an UNESCO-protected city. In this city there is a historical legacy that is deemed worthy of world heritage to be protected its existence.

Historically, Melaka is the city that once mastered by the three countries, namely Portuguese, Dutch and British. Until now in Melaka visible the characteristics heritage building of that three countries, all seemed well maintained and tidy. Pedicab rickshaw-dressed and ready to take the travelers sing to get around the old city of Melaka. No less interesting when driving around town walking, because it is in the old town is worth a lot of objects preserved, so that we intermittently stopped to take pictures.

In 1511 the Portuguese and their troops landed in Melaka and in the same year officially became a Portuguese colony. Melaka is a land base to explore the Portuguese to the east, among others, to Batavia. So do not be surprised if in Jakarta and several regions in Indonesia there are also traces of the relics of the Portuguese. In 1641 the Dutch took over Portuguese in Melaka and power until 1795. During the Dutch colony the Red Building complex was built. Melaka in 1824 officially became the British colony with the colony exchange in Bengkulu, Sumatra. After the British no longer in power, the city became part of Malaysia.

Red Building set a world heritage, because this building is the oldest building built by the Dutch in Southeast Asia. The building was built in 1650 and according to history of early color is red. In front there is a red building complex with the European-style gardens, complete with statues and fountains Europe characterized. This park complex was built in 1904. Not far from the field of red buildings, there are the remains of St Paul's church was built in 1521 by the Portuguese.

Grave markers around the church of St. Paul can be found also in the courtyard of the Church of Zion, Jakarta is also a legacy of the Portuguese church.

Another interesting thing is the Cheng Ho Museum in Jalan Hang Jebat. Admiral Cheng Ho was a nomad who lived at the time of the Ming Dynasty in China. At the time of wandering down to Melaka, he founded the temple, which is still preserved and protected as the oldest temple.

An interesting thing in the old city Melaka is a boat trip down the river. For a moment imagine Kali Besar in Jakarta. With the down times in Melaka, a view historic buildings lined up on either side. Very different are the times (canal) in Melaka is clean, odorless and should become a tourist attraction, just feel ala Melaka Gondola.

Night tourism in Melaka is no less interesting, in addition to a variety of tempting culinary offer, a time to visit the shops at Jonker Street and Jalan Hang Jebat in Chinatown, believe it can satisfy the curiosity and souvenir hunting.

June 19, 2011

(Prima Widi Hatmi - Jakarta /Images Jacobus Advelino)


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