Borobudur at sunrise

Apparently witnessed a rare opportunity to see the sunrise in the hundreds of Buddhist stupa in the moments before the morning to be one special moment for anyone who gets a chance visit to the Borobudur Temple.

Do not miss the moment, let alone the opportunity occurs when the temple has not been enlivened by visitors. Well-known American actor, Richard Gere, when he received an invitation to attend this temple at the midyear of 2011, he also chose the moment of sunrise on the agenda was a visit to this great temple. site has recently issued a "27 sights that will remind you how incredible Earth is", the moment of Borobudur at sunrise became one of their choice.

Who wouldn't want to get this opportunity? If you have this opportunity, take a chance! For the tourists who stay in villages in the neighborhood around the temple area is of course allowed to enter the temple complex before opening hours, tickets available to see in the morning when the sun will rise at a cost of Rp 220.000 and Rp 320.000 for the foreign tourists.

A friend who has a hobby of photography certainly will not miss this opportunity. Wahid Ar and some other friends at the end of December 2011 has provide their time for this opportunity, several photos were taken when the object was, they were satisfied with such a special and beautiful moments.

Priceless heritage of the ancestors of from the past, they set off at around 3:40 am from Yogyakarta. Arriving at about 5:00, then see the temple guard and immediately rose to the top.

Rare moment had arrived and all is so impressive to welcome the morning sun from behind the Buddhist stupas which give a sense of mystery, for them and anyone who wants to, of course!

(Source Wahid Ar, F-travelKompas Prawitasari, /Images Wahid Ar and friends)


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