Hello Kitty Beauty Spa in Dubai: a spa with a pink color

Haaa... The spa with the pink color? Someone will go there? A spa in Dubai offers to its visitors and tourists an unique home spa.

When looking at the color and Hello Kitty character, no doubt who's become the market segment, of young women generally. True, as quoted from the CNNGo site, their market share is the "Queens" or upper-class mothers who want to get a luxurious spa services along with their daughters, they are called by the nickname "Princess". Calls that are smart enough for guests.

Leatrice Eisman, a color consultant and author of More Alive With Color, giving the meaning of the pink color, which is love, compassion, tenderness and femininity. Implies something soft and soothing, but less excited and make energy weakens. Hopefully visitors even more excited after having completed treatment, of course!

Hello Kitty Spa a spa where the first character of Hello Kitty in the Middle East, established in about a month ago and is located in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Guests were greeted by a receptionist in white and pink in a room with a classic touch of the feminine, as well as the additional charm of 'true Parisian glamor settings', as written in their website.

Visitors will receive optimal service, massages, manicures and pedicures, facials, hair and make-up with a package of care-cure Kitty hand massages are priced US$8 for children, while for adults priced at US$11.

Are you interested in the pink color?

(Source CNNGo, lifescript, travelKompas /Images Hello Kitty Beauty Spa)


  1. I read your blog. And, I am also impressed by the pictures of spa. Really, your Beauty salon & Spa is giving priceless services to their customers. It is also, giving a pleasure to customers. By joining this spa, you can retreat and re-vitalise today, with Balinese treatments and philosophies. The experience is mentally and physically altering!

    1. Of course many motives of people go to the spa ... There is hope to freshen up from the daily routine and the mental and physical health.
      Thank you for coming, Chrysalis ....

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