Is it safe travel to a foreign countries?

Frequent cases of pickpocketing of tourists who were walking in a tourist destination, there is a habit that must be considered in travelers not to bring money in cash and a large amount.

Pickpockets continue to roam in the countries of the popular tourist destination, not necessarily a popular tourist destination and tourists feel safe in all respects. Looks like the pickpockets in these countries already know the habits of tourists keep the cash and carry in their purse.

When you are photographed with a fun, forgetting someone is targeting your bag. Several other locations need to watch out for example in restaurants, then the bag is placed under/on the floor when going to pay at the cashier, but for a moment and buum... Bags are flying move, gone!

Some tips from a website travel can be a guide.

1. The crime rate. Get to know the specifics of a destination country, crime rates and terms associated with it. Avoid a particular region for tourists, because the area is usually always exist in any country, even though developed countries.
2. Learn a tourist destination. The evil of what usually happens in the country. Avoid dubious places, such as dark alleys and slums. Note also the crime in some countries is often more due to the influence of alcohol.
3. Emergency numbers. Keep police numbers, embassy of the country. If necessary to report to the embassy. Who can be contacted and others.
4. Habits of local communities. Learn about their culture, customs different from the local population. OK sign with thumb it means not polite in Greece. Trouble is not that a problem?
5. Clothing worn. Whether the area could receive a person uses a minimal clothing? Likewise, do not be too fancy!
6. Inconspicuous appearance. Avoid expensive jewelry. No need to also give the impression you are a tourist, accessories, bags, camera use only when necessary.
7. Avoid excessive friendliness. In the countries of destination, it could be misinterpreted friendliness. Especially for female tourists, there will be a tremendous misunderstanding there! Talk politely and taste, without the need to tell all about you, including a place to stay.
8. Distribute important documents. Important to avoid extreme situations. Credit cards, money, identity cards and passports in different places, to avoid the situation you are robbed, you still have a supply of cash. Photocopy of passport or passport scan in a private e-mail.
9. Transportation. Travelers who arrive at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport has been given the message to use a taxi, for example "Bluebird Taxi". Similarly, when you into another country, look at vehicles and transportation equipment are recommended. Recommendations can be asked at the hotel, carefully and note the taxi number and driver name. Similarly, choose a seat near the bus driver while riding the bus and choose a crowded carriage on the train.

(Source A Purwanto, N General, G Karyo, travelKompas /Images Nina Helena)


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