The Traditional Satay Pizza

If you like pizza, of course you will try the taste of the contents of various types of pizza, such as carbonara pizza with beef, cheese, sausage, chicken and seafood, and others. True fans of pizza will try all the pizza before it has a special option.

Now what happens if you mix the contents together with the satay? Satay is known as a typical food in Indonesia, once tried you will like, especially when flavored skewers the right, whether the seasoning mixture of soy sauce or peanut sauce, it's always delicious.

Satay can be made from basic ingredients are generally chicken or goat meat, but then this idea a try many pizza fans home as a hobby.

Domino's Pizza saw a niche of the pizza fans like this type of pizza, they develop the new pizza variant, The Traditional Satay Pizza.

Satay was originated from Indonesia, available virtually anywhere in Indonesia, even in parts of its popularity to other countries in the world. Bids sensation typical satay peanut sauce, combined with a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese and toppings of onion, green pepper, red pepper and BBQ Chicken. No doubt!

An interesting innovation and daring of Domino's Pizza of course related to the month of Ramadan, at a price of about Rp65 thousand. When you want to try it can be found at various outlets of them.

Perhaps you are near just one of their outlets, such as one in the pizza shop at the mall that is spread over the Senayan area, South Jakarta? Hear it alone can imagine what this feels like a new menu, it would be nice!

(Source H Pratiwi-femaleKompas, Domino's Pizza website /Images Domino's Pizza)


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