The unique taste of Gomak Noodles

This type of cuisine is known in the region of Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, even the fame reached the capital of Medan, North Sumatra, so easily found on the every stalls by the roadside.

The shape is not much different from the form of noodles can be found at most restaurants, but not like the type of thin curly noodles. Gomak noodles tend to be wide and straight, like we see when eating spaghetti.

True Italian cuisine has a distinctive form of spaghetti, in the northern Sumatra prevalent this type of noodle. The raw material consists of dried yellow noodles, chewy texture, but it is easily broken when bitten. Such as rendang gravy sauce dish.

Try walking a little bit in the Peringgan Market, not difficult to see on roadside stalls in this area, where the hawker center, a few places soon offering gomak noodles. Processed foodstuffs from diverse mixture, stir-fry seasoning mix coconut milk, as well as seasoning sauces rendang mixed.

There is a distinctive flavor that is difficult to find in local markets, because they have brought in specially from Tapanuli, 5 hours drive from the city of Medan, which is derived from the fruit flavor "andaliman" has become a distinctive flavor to Batak dishes and just grew there. This is what distinguishes the taste of food that comes from the singing people's land or Tapanuli - Batak Land.

Other spices can be found in the market, such as pepper, ginger, roasted grated coconut, green onion, garlic and onion.

Then why his name is called Gomak? Yes, because the presentation is quite the unique way, ie "digomak" (held directly) using a hand when presenting it to the container before seasoning sprinkled with coconut milk andaliman. The term local residents (many Batak tribe that inhabited the region Tapanuli, Lake Toba) rake/holding is the "gomak". Do not forget to add a duck egg poached, so the taste chewy noodles increasingly felt on the tongue, humm...

Spaghetti's origin of Batak land, a little spicy, stinging tongue, the taste is unique. Try it!

(Source, Medan Culinary, travelKompas /Images makanmana-Medan Culinary, Ucok K, Mie Gomak Pages)


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