The sun ahead at Padang beach

Is there a more delicious than watching the sun slowly left the sea in the distance the horizon? Light can be blinding, the sun slowly rose into the sky, leaving patches of blue light in seawater. Palm tree leaves waved lazily, as if the wind blows weakly indifferent, just murmur swept the face.

A beach in West Sumatra, Padang Beach became one of the local community and tourist destination for the visitors who happened to be traveling there. While spending the day in the afternoon to give the passion towards the end of the solar light.

No sandy beaches line the walls separating the sea forming long lines and sea blue background comes with a hill called Mount Padang.

The beach is the locals preferred to let go of exhaustion after a full day's work, is not wrong to take the kids there to visit a playground for the little ones, as he approached the tent stalls lined up on the beach, offers a variety of snacks for visitors. Enjoy a cold drink or a soda and do not forget the pleasure of drinking a refreshing coconut water.

Were there other things besides releasing tired in the afternoon? With friends and greet the children lined seller offers snacks, such as grilled bananas, peanuts, boiled peanuts and boiled eggs, even if you want to feel the sensation of a typical Padang salad spicy, try snacks that can make your tongue dance.

In the afternoon relax and do not miss out when the sun will leave the blue sky to the sea, splitting the canoes waves, paddled slowly, gently kissed orange purple ripples, sea, and night came. Mark the completion of a day.

(Source Dee Wijayanti, NLM Pertiwi-travelKompas /Images Dee Wijayanti)


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