Wijilan home still there

By Prima Widi Hatmi

Wijilan PB I/21, number address that is inherent in my brain until now, the address of a place in my childhood home in advance. Who knows how many times the house numbering system has changed, just the thought of that address. Now what number, I do not remember, although many times it's been to the house until now.

Wijilan area includes an area called the Benteng Jeron (a fort), namely the ring-1 in the yard of the Keraton Yogyakarta (the palace). This area is restricted fortress palace and limits the area outside the palace of Yogyakarta. To enter the Benteng Jeron must enter a sort of gateway called plengkung, then there north plengkung in Wijilan areas and plengkung kidul (south).

The remains of the fort still exist today, although in some areas already in ruins and some are flat on the ground. Passing through the aisles (small streets and narrow) from Wijilan can enter the courtyard in the palace, be it north palace and the south palace.

This area is called Wijilan, because here there is a Eyang Wijil's (grandmother) home, in which each of us must sowan (worship of the older) at Lebaran Eid.

Another first, another now. Now people are more familiar with this area as a center of gudeg (Yogyakarta cuisine) sales. Then known by the term Gudeg Wijilan, although gudeg now also can be found in Jakarta.

A row of gudeg stalls along Wijilan street, from mbakyu (young woman sellers) sellers. Gudeng various names beginning with the title mbak Yu, for example mbakyu Narni gudeg, and other mbakyu row's name. The one that impressed me was gudeg Mbakyu Jum.

From childhood, I subscribe to this gudeg shop, which until now occupy the same corner, the same stall in the same style as well. Later found out that the subscription is known for its gudeg Yu Jum, based in Barek.

Some of this week, the area is quiet, because the sellers is reduced, but also some of them has hired an order to packet the rice to help displaced eruption of Mount Merapi. Some mbakyu does not sell, because the house including the areas affected by ash thick enough (Mount Merapi eruption in Yogyakarta 2010 - admin), which make their must stop selling the gudeg for the few days to clean up and just in case.

It might say a little desperate when at times it is today an open dining area with gudeg sold in an open area on the roadside. Gusts of wind carrying the remains of volcano ash.

November 11, 2010

(Prima Widi Hatmi - Jakarta /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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