JetPack Adventures can make you fly!

Still remember the James Bond in a movie, "Thunderball" in 1965? He was flown using a device on his back, JetPack. Audiences all amazed, wow... Great!

This time it all not just in the movies, let us also spur the courage to try, a new tourist attraction in Central Coast Australia recently announced plans to launch JetLev Flyer. Interesting, for sure!

Quoting a news from portal site travelKompas taken from that a company in Australia, JetPack Adventures which soon opened his business in New South Wales, Sydney and Central Coast and the Gold Coast this summer.

Greg Weige owned company has successfully developed a prototype from 2008. They work hard to make it happen for 3 years, the result of serious efforts of an engineer, Raymond Li, a Chinese-Canadian citizen, who was inspired by the spy agent movie character with the name code 007.

JetLev Flyer is a motorized vehicle that brings people to fly is attached to someone's back like he was carrying a backpack, so-called jet pack. Central Coast Tourism Bussiness and Tourism Events Manager, Chris King welcomed this attraction, "It's unique attractions and if in accordance with the instructions of proper use, this tool will be much in demand," he said.

The jet pack can glide up to 10 feet above the water and traveling at 45 kilometers per hour, as disclosed on their websites, solo flight is priced at 249 dollars.

Flying, is not this a dream that has been imagined since the Wright Brothers? Let's fly together, it would be nice!

(Source, travelKompas /Image moviesblog)


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