Mango flavor in Gelato Secrets

This is not in Europe, but in the tourist area of ​​Ubud, Bali! Yes, do not be surprised if it turns out you see a lot of shops offer a taste of European cuisine along the streets there. Much can be enjoyed, for example, enjoy the view of rice fields, to the Antonio Blanco Museum, or see the mischievous monkeys in Monkey Forest? What if the café? Ah, that's good of course, you must be lucky because it's so easy to find various types of cafes and shops.

Allow your feet become tired of running and try to just stop a moment to ascertain whether some of the shops there offer any menu options?

Well, no wonder if then you see a menu typical Italian gelato. Shaped like ice cream (gelati - ice cream in Italy). Gelato is made with milk, cream, Various sugars, and flavoring Such as fresh fruit and nut purees. Making a difference compared to the traditional recipe of ice cream that we know, Because it is lighter having a lower butterfat (4-8% butterfat) content than traditional (14% for ice cream in the U.S.) made ice cream factory.

It feels like the typical sweet flavor gelato in Italy of course, the texture is like ice cream but not ice cream because it has a smoother texture and feel softer. When the 'hangout' is just enjoy it while relaxing if you want something different, besides having coffee with friends. Not the ice cream was, but the cold felt in the mouth, now try to go into a shop that offers gelato, Gelato Secrets.

What do they offer? Unique! Gelato and sorbet. A wide selection of fruit-flavored gelato with mango, mangosteen, avocado, and even a sense of interest. Visitors apparently unfamiliar with their creations, well-liked mangoes, because the typical sweetness. They cultivate a taste of mango gelato. It felt good when the softness of the texture of the mango filling the oral cavity. The cold and sweet.

Interesting shops with gelato and sorbet creations as other options, sorbet made from fruit juice without added cream or milk and sour and sweet taste of fruit is more pronounced. Throughout the fatigue from the morning walk in the Ubud area, as an instant vanished.

(Source softhmal, travelKompas, Ni Kadek R Riyanti /Images Gelato Secrets)


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