Tourists from Japan and South Korea the most highest visit to Vietnam

Thus the sound of the news conveyed by the Xinhua news agency, citing news from VNAT (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism), which recorded a remarkable tourist arrivals into the country in the first seven months of 2012.

Vietnam become more attractive as a regional tourist destination in addition to their neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. World charm of the south east to the region seems to be one tourist attraction in determining their goals.

VNAT record of the visit there were about 4 million foreign travelers come to Vietnam, up 10.8 percent compared with same period previous year. According to data released on Friday (7/27/2012), of that amount, the air transportation of choice for tourists in order to journey to this country.

A total of 3.2 million foreign tourists arrive in Vietnam, using the aircraft climbed 10.5 percent than the same period in 2011. This country is preparing to welcome guests who come to the end travelers know, they targeted the presence of 6.5 million tourists visit menacapai numbers. For their outstanding achievements.

There is always a seductive charm that is different in each visit to some country, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippine, Singapore and even Indonesia, could be an option to appeal to different cultures, scenery, unique culinary and other , but it has its own charm.

Tourists would love it.

(Source Kompas /Image Veronica Saver)


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