Nudist Meadow

By Prima Widi Hatmi

Hearing the word 'nudist', what immediately pictured in your mind? Our roads this time was heading toward a place called Nudist Meadow. With the streets of the old town area of ​​Munich, we headed Odeons Plastz.

Encountered along the way besides the shops were also encountered the museums. When enough time, it is interesting to enter the museum in this area. Museum collection is preserved and safeguarded, carefully laid out with the conditioning room for the collection in it is not broken.

Odeonplatz is one open area, such as the plaza entrance to the old town area. For a moment thought of town planning "Dalem Beteng" in Yogyakarta. The main gate is a square, supposing like this Odeonplatz. Ranks of the old city area surrounded by a tightly guarded building The Residenz (in Yogya-called keraton).

In some places there is a gate into the old town, which is in the west part found Karlstor, in the south Sendlingertor and in the east Isartor. All of these gates as well as the curved shape when in Yogya called 'plengkung'. There are several plengkung in Yogya, namely Plengkung Wijilan, Plengkung Gading, Gedong Tengen and Gedong Kiwo.

A little stunned, urban centers in the kingdom of Yogyakarta was similar to Munich's city.

From the Odeonplatz we get into the administration office (in Yogya - Kepatihan) by entering the gate of the curve as well. Kepatihan also be a gateway arches. In the area of ​​government buildings are spread out wide and tidy garden is the Hofgarten. These areas are public areas, a lot of sunbathing and enjoying the streets of the sun shining full in the fall.

How nice the sun is in the middle of the cold. We also wish to walk the trail in this Hofgarten. Apparently two of my friends prefer to enjoy the park while sitting, so I asked permission to walk towards the antique building that turned out to be Staatskanzlei (military museum).

Because we promised to get together back to the garden seat area, so I was immediately back in the place where my friends were waiting. Bit of panic going on, because the seat was empty, while the cellular phone is not working perfectly.

Will inevitably have to sit there waiting, in accordance with the original agreement. Soon the girls came from the direction Staatskanzlei, too. Eventually the three of us out of this government area through the same gate, toward Odeonplatz again. Then where are the Nudist Meadow Garten?

From the Odeonplatz square we trace through Ludwigstrasse roughly leads to Englischer Garten. We found Galeriestrasse which approximately leads to the Garten. With shuffling feet are getting tired we are still the way to Garten.

Initially a little hesitant because the atmosphere is quiet at the Garten, with lush trees. Suddenly appeared from a corner policeman watching us. Has responsibility, is far less laborious way into the Garten, in vain, isn't it?

With a little through the woods we still get into this area and apparently Garten, Wooww.... It's beautiful!

Apparently the flow of visitors coming from the underground road that later we know that the way it deals with the Hofgarten which we had to explore. So we've been shuttling back and forth, there are four times along the trip for the same thing leading to another Odeonplatz to return to the hotel.

October 31, 2011

(Prima Widi Hatmi - Jakarta /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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