“Nemo 33”, The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World!

Indeed, that's a swimming pool located in the city of Brussels, Belgium capital. According to a widely circulated news "Nemo 33" is the deepest swimming pool complex in the world.

Anyone who feels like looking for an extreme challenge to try a new vehicle, there are 2.5 million liters of water and has a depth of 34.5 meters. If you are interested in reaching any indentation on the wall pond, at the depth of the pool are underwater caves and artificial underwater window.

Always be a sensation in the heart of every swimmer who try it, what will happen next and so on.

Upon reaching the window under the water, visitors can see the outside of the pool into the pool at a depth varying distances. Surely experience second to none, Phak pool manager also had considered everything.

Among others, the water filtration process to keep the temperature around 30 degrees celsius, the goal for the divers keep warm.

John Beernaerts, a Belgian diving expert has designed a diving pool carefully taking into account several considerations related to his profession as a diver.

Although the initial goal was for a dive training area , but as a means of recreation and can further be used as a filming location, if necessary.

Are you are a swimmer or divers? Plan a trip vacation to Brussels. It was definitely a fun challenge!

(Source travelKompas, wikipedia /Image wikipedia)


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