Looking for Homestay in Raja Ampat?

Is there any doubt to come there? Concerns like what most have in mind the minds of potential tourists who want to visit? Local governments have been working seriously to welcome tourists to come, definitely.

Of course the geographic location of the islands are located in Papua bird's head is considered to be quite difficult to reach, but the presumption is gone when you see the frequency of flights to get there.

When you depart from Jakarta as a benchmark, is not difficult, there are at least eight airlines that opened the path there. Travel time in the air reaches the 6-hour flight to Sorong and stopped briefly in Makassar or Manado. Another option would depart from Denpasar, Bali, it's also a good choice.

In order not to be difficult trip, travelers generally have followed the tour packages from travel agencies to Raja Ampat, with the offer of a short training package for divers who are not professional or trained divers. Interesting isn't it?

Now, what about the choice of where to stay? Let a little adventure through the atmosphere with the impression, choose the homestay!

Even though there also are some good resort travel tips from the corresponding article travelKompas sites, such as Waiwo Dive Resort in Waisai, Raja Ampat capital city, or Raja Ampat Dive Lodge in Mansuar Island and Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant.

Homestay. Why not, right? Of course the travel agency will help provide clues departure when tourists are in the city of Waisai, fast boat with a fee for groups/20 people, around Rp4-5 million.

Enjoy living in residential areas close to local residents, fishermen. You try to visit the tourist villages there, such as the Village of Sawinggrai and some others can be found.

The atmosphere is neat, homestay with a bedroom and living room, built near the dock, on the sea which is supported by foundations like the wooden pier. Feel the wind and the waves of the ocean waves and the splash of water hit the wooden supports of the building, bum... bum....

The rate to stay at homestay with rates starting at Rp500 thousand per person per night (even in other villages it may be cheaper fares of about Rp300 thousand) including 3 meals, with attractions in the surrounding waters of Raja Ampat. The green blue turquoise sea water as far as the eye could see.

You will be offered to experience living there, you want to see the fish, colorful fish milling about under the homestay? Then feed the fish, then snorkeling and diving are very lucky to even get a chance to see the attraction of paradise bird dancing.

Get ready to explore the villages around the blue waters of Raja Ampat, a lot of charm awaits.

(Source Raja Ampat Community Pages, travelKompas /Images Raja Ampat Pages, Naomi Sirait)


  1. Hello

    great post! i have tried a few homestays in raja ampat, because the liveabourd and resorts are very expensive. i would recommend homestays for all adventure travelers who do not require more than the strictly basic: matress and food (no bed sheets, towels or 24hrs electricity). just to follow up on this post, i hear there are new alternatives coming up in the middle range. not as basic and cheap as a homestay and not the pampering of liveabourd/resorts. check out raja ampat biodiversity eco resort. hopefully now we can all visit raja ampat comfortably and reasonbly price.
    just more info on this post, hope it will help someone...

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    2. Raja Ampat is currently become the hot discussion of many backpacker friends. This place is considered a new challenge, the distance may be a factor for many who want to go there, as well as other factors that are less known.

      There are always new things, but it certainly need more information!


  2. Hello,
    this homestay is the cheaper and really fantastic! good service, sheets and towel! good food, mosquito net, hammoks.. on a desert beach, well... paradise !
    here is the link, but it s in french... the prices are in dollars too
    They make boat trip too and you can ask them to organise diving with an other guy.

    Hope that will help someone !

  3. The official website for lumba lumba guesthouse; www.lulumba.com


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