Want to stay young? Come to Sedudo waterfall

Similarly, local beliefs about Sedudo waterfall which is believed to cure various diseases, bathe in it can stay young. Who would not want to look young?

Every month of Sura in the Javanese tradition, people come and bathe under a Sedudo Waterfall, even a pond nearby residents are not passed to enter into it.

Waterfall located in the district Nganjuk precisely in the village of Ngliman, Sawahan, the south part of district Nganjuk capital, with water coming from Mount Wilis at 1438 m altitude above sea level, and water slides as high as 105 feet from the top of the mountain.

Look at the splash of water that came from above, captured the heart. Add to the coolness of the natural beauty surrounding air, visitors love the atmosphere created, not wrong if the local government put sedudo waterfall as an icon and a prima donna in the region.

Prana Prasthista tradition (heritage statue cleaning) the form of ritual bath or shower together Sedudo, which preceded the procession of dance by six dancers with long hair who is a virgin alias in a state of purity. The ceremony has been going down through the generations since the time of Majapahit became the main agenda that can attract tourists to the region of Sedudo.

Sedudo waterfalls myth are still living in the local community, not least of these attractions will remain one of the attractions in this cool tube. The more advanced societies have different views of the legendary past, though maybe for some young people this place may be a mere recreation.

The waterfall is still there, faithful to spill water from the height. Local communities, shall perform his trust, splashes of water that bring fortune.

(Source iklanpos, travelKompas, wikipedia /Images rockytrans, wikipedia)


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