La Tomatina, Everything Turns Red!

Although the origin of this event is unclear, local residents said that this festival originated from food wars among children that occurred in the mid-1940s in the Valencian town of Buñol.

A good agricultural area, located about 40 kilometers to the north of the city of Valencia.

Thousands of people meet in the Plaza Mayor Buñol, this year held on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 in southern Spain, they are all so enjoy this event. Most of the pitchers off their clothes and protect themself with goggles to avoid eye irritation due to exposure of the tomato juice.

The regulation of the festival has been submitted, the tomatoes must be crushed first, in order to reduce the pressure generated so that the people affected do not throw too feel sick. They were advised to use old clothes that can be thrown away after the event and should use shoes instead of sandals.

An event that has been considered appropriate by the city government, they expect a "battle" these tomatoes can contribute 300,000 euros for the local economy.

Five trucks were prepared to transport the tomatoes as ammunition for the thrower, who come from different countries. Not only from Spain, but also looks tourists from the United States, Japan, Serbia, Australia and some other countries.

And, after the fireworks lit as a sign of the tomato war began, just in a matter of minutes, the area was filled with tomatoes. Everything Turns Red!

It's countless, about 40 thousand people showed the action of destroying wild and throwing tomatoes, 120 tons of tomatoes were spent! The streets became red and slick with crushed tomatoes, tomato throwing everyone to everyone who was nearby.

A tourist from the United States, Grady Helmann, 30, pointing at his chin and forehead, citing from AFP news agency, said, "I have tomatoes thrown very hard here and another very hard on me here," he said.

Lively event, evolved into a festival that is often covered by foreign media and more and more people are interested to participate in this awesome event.

(Source AFP,, travelKompas /Images spanish-food, wikipedia)


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