It happened again, Danish tourists drowned in Nusa Penida

It gives a sense of shock when it happens again about the news, that a diver who drowned in the sea waters of Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. Just a day ago a news about a Japanese tourist, Ai Tanaka, drowned in this diving location.

It feels strange to write, because the time of occurrence is very close, a day ago. A bungalow entrepreneur from Denmark living in Vila Pisang, Lembongan Village, Nusa Penida invite two friends to do the diving session in the Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida waters have been known previously as the diving region, including Penida Bay, Batu Lumbung (Manta Point), Batu Meling, Batu Abah, Toya Pakeh and Malibu Point.

Crystal Bay region can be considered as the subs are calmer than outer shore, unlike the New York City area with a vast spread of coral reefs, has the very strong currents requiring advanced diving skills. Likewise Malibu Point area with a variety of coral, as well as sometimes appearing a number of sharks in the sea waters. Not recommended for novice divers.

Hendrik Kent Jensen, 43, has experience as divers. Tuesday, August 28, 2012, yesterday, at around 07:30 local time with his friends, Susana and Thillo as well as a Jukung boat captain I Nyoman Prewita. Quite a long time they dive sessions for up to an hour later, all seemed well.

As promised then his friends return to the surface, but Jensen does not appear on the surface. They immediately dive to look for, he suddenly appeared in a weak condition, no breath sounds.

Jukung boat captain immediately picked up and brought him to the Center for Health Care (Puskesmas) in Nusa Penida II in Jungut Batu for examination. First-aid conducted by a team of medical doctors, but his life could not be saved. It's really unexpected thing happened.

Until now, the cause is unknown, given the weather conditions and water currents in Crystal Bay this time is quite normal.

(Source M Hasanudin - regionalKompas /Images Frank Benjamin, Nusa Penida Pages)


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