Choosing the Hotels on a Traveling trip

What do you do when arriving in a city on a traveling trip, say the time you change your mind and get out of the planned route.

First you consider to choose the hotel, while stopover before heading to the next tourist destination, how do you consider it?

You certainly choose an interesting hotel that following your heart, safely and hygiene as a major concern, as quoted from an article on the travelKompas site who wrote about a study done in the United States and published in the American Society for Microbiology in June 2012, it was revealed that light switches and TV remote is a lot of two objects that contaminated by bacteria.

Do not forget to lock the door of your hotel room, do not mention your room number to someone else. Check other important objects or choose which one not incorporated into the wallet. Mentioning your room numbers is unnecessary to others, it's confidential.

If you need the services of a safe deposit box for storing valuables, there is always a consideration for that. The problem is simple, but security always starts from ourselves.

Air conditioning is also worth noting, is it functioning well? The other is the toilet and shower in the bathroom, television, telephone and room lights.

A few things worth scrutiny following before you can stay comfortably.

a. Free facility. For example, free internet facilities. Surfing the internet can reduce boredom in the room even has become a necessity. Ask if the hotel provides this facility, if you consider this as an important thing.

Free facilities, such as mineral water for free every day, even coffee and tea are usually available in the room.

b. Do not be stingy. Get used to tip the hotel staff ranging from $1 depending on the amount of classes and the size of your hotel room, the bellman, housekeeper and others. Need to maintain a relationship with them, especially if you stay more than one night.

Give every day, because officers usually changed every day.

c. Flashlight. Three-star hotels to five available flashlight in every room. In case a power failure, maybe.

d. Wake-up calls. Certainly needs, especially during the long vacation, ask the hotel clerk called to the room to wake you up.

Ask for a call two times with a pause of about half a minute. Until you actually wake up.

e. Breakfast. Breakfast is usually available until 10 am. Come early in the morning when the restaurant is not too crowded.

f. The responsibility of the hotel. What if your luggage is lost? We deserve to get a response and responsibility of the hotel. See their CCTV recording facilities.

g. Unexpected things that annoying. Let's say you are stuck in a hotel elevator jammed, is annoying and can bring trauma. Nothing wrong if you asking to get a free overnight facility for compensation.

Even if necessary, ask for another form of accountability from the hotel management to compensate all the incident that shocked their guests.

When all the things you've thoroughly well, the hotels have been waiting in a tourist locations.

(Source Nina H, L Pandjaitan, travelKompas /Image Danau Toba Hotel Medan)


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