Keep copies of your passport

You're in a state to travel with friends, while being photographed with some friends, well... That's where the opportunity for thieves to take a chance, wallets and valuables documents, passports can move unnoticed again.

When a valuables documents lost is a hassle, especially when coupled lose the passport! It was a disaster coming repeatedly. From here we need to consider one aspect of value, say a passport.

Passport is an official document issued by a country that contains a variety of self-identifying information, the holder profile and apply to travel between countries. The immigration officer will aim to get yourself holder information, biographical data that include photo holder, signature, place and date of birth, nationality information and sometimes also some other information regarding individual identification, sometimes even for countries that should not be entered, for any particular case (source wikipedia).

Looking at the picture above, the passport is essential for many tourists who travel to another country, unfortunately stolen and lost passports for travelers is accustomed for beginners and experienced travelers. So it is necessary to have a copy (photocopy or scan into digital files), stored in a safe place, it can even be saved to other family members, as well as digital scans can be sent by e-mail.

Any time can be opened and printed again. If you do not have to worry about missing, immediately report to the embassy of your country to find a way out. Show the copy or scan results, at least a temporary replacement process can be obtained.

Trip was not too upset, loss of passport remains a special experience to be remembered later.

(Source A Wibowo, R Dasim, travelKompas, detikTravel, wikipedia /Image travelnight)


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