Prince Harry's visit to Las Vegas make Travel Demand Surge

Prince Harry is still young and he enjoyed it, so there's always a surprise he did. It is natural for youth mental turmoil. Be a challenge for certain media to make it as a source of news.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 ago, TMZ, an entertainment site, released nude photos of Prince William's younger brother. They managed to take photos when the second son of Prince Charles was partying with friends in their hotel room in Las Vegas, Friday, August 18, 2012.

This news became excited and dramatized in such a way by the media, when Harry and his friends go down to the hotel bar and met a number of young women, which is then invited to his suite at the hotel.

It is ridiculous and then when some of his friends who were there taking photos when they were playing billiards, then bet for the loser so take off all their clothes including women.

Excited of course, young people spent most of their way of life may not be easy to be understood by others, it may be naughty, but reasonable for their age. Media then carefully observe and utilize all as the big news.

Las Vegas is known to have tolerance of adult entertainment, but on the other hand has a variety of charms for anyone visiting this city. In addition, a recent survey released by British Airways, Las Vegas to be a favorite destination for athletes who are looking for relaxation and a break after the London Olympics 2012.

What about the news of Prince Harry's on top? The impact soon to occur, of course, there will be parties saw an opportunity to attract tourists. As performed by the Virgin Holidays cited article "The Telegraph", Prince Harry excursions into this city, caused the increase in travel itinerary, by 30 percent to Las Vegas.

As said by Virgin Holidays, the increase is related to the effects of the visit of Prince Harry. They immediately made in the form of travel packages promo discount to attract potential tourists to Las Vegas.

A story can be an opportunity, this time Las Vegas await guests.

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