American Airlines baggage delivery service to homes

Journey that you go through a long and grueling, the aircraft arriving and lining up your next assignment to take luggage. This struggle of its own and needs a little time. Is able to imagine if an airline's baggage delivery and provide services directly to your home? Who would not want to be treated this way?

A new service available from mid August 2012 when passengers book a travel ticket or two hours before the flight, of a fee. Costs need to be paid by USD 29.95 to USD 49.95 dollars, depending on the amount of luggage is available at about 200 airports in the United States and several cities outside the United States.

American Airlines is one of the airlines that offer these services, if the trunk as far as the delivery destination is less than 40 miles, the luggage will arrive in one to four hours.

What if the delivery address of the trunk far enough? Of course there is an additional cost per mile, about four to six hours.

David Vance of American Airlines said as quoted by USAToday, "We think these products are great for business travelers who need to immediately go to a meeting or office and do not want to bother to take the affairs of their baggage."

When you see the opportunities that were developed by other services of the airline, it seems that travelers who travel with large families would benefit. Perhaps you may remember the movie "Home Alone" as a big family with many children traveling to a country in Europe. This joyous moment for them, but at the same time be a hell and very inconvenient!

Is this kind of service will be successful? Jay Sorensen, a consultant in the field of aviation, said the airline industry has a tendency to follow the success of other carriers.

Products that give a sense of comfort, especially for people with high income class.

(Source USAToday, travelKompas /Images L Pandjaitan)


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