7 Pre-eminent Tourist Site in Lampung

After the appointment of the region to host a second time as an organizer of the Tourism Indonesia Mart & Expo (TIME) in 2012, followed by all components and agencies of local and foreign tourism, the tourist market turned to this area. The sensation of what can happen there?

It has been known by the tourist the Lampung region synonymous with the Way Kambas National Park and Lampung elephant known to the community of overseas travel, but make no mistake if you will be fooled. Lampung is bigger than that, of course. The region has 7 pre-eminent tourist destination sites worth to note that in addition to Way Kambas National Park, of course.

What experience can you find there? Mount Krakatau, Kiluan Gulf, The South Bukit Barisan National Park, Setia Cape, Tower of Siger and even the city of Bandar Lampung itself is unique for the tourists, as an cultural icon showcase with organizing local cultural events, such as Tapis Carnival 2012 on October 6, 2012 serving a variety of uniqueness of the traditional dress of “tapis” woven fabric base material.

Talking about a region of Kiluan Gulf, the exotic places to meet the dolphins of course you will no doubt, as well as the height of the Tower of Siger while enjoying the crashing waves on Lampung beach from the distance, elephants mingle safely without human interference in the area of The South Bukit Barisan National Park.

The Australian tourists surfing fans getting jumped sharply when they find out malignancy waves on the beach of Karang Nimbor in the village of Cape Setia, the South Coast District, West Lampung regency, were full of a haven for tourists who love the authenticity of virgin nature that seemed to have never touched.

Get ready for the adventure in this region, many stunning experience will surprises you.

(Sources of Lampung Culture and Tourism, TIME 2012, travelKompas /Image Frank Benjamin)


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