Kilometer Zero of Yogyakarta is reorganized

Kilometer Zero Point area is a tourist destination in Yogyakarta which has rules of Sapta Pesona (Seven Charm), as delivered by local government officials in Yogyakarta. This area is one of their landmarks in the city, as a marker of Yogyakarta monument can be seen that more than 3 centuries old became the symbol of the city of Yogyakarta.

Kilometer Zero is located in northern Alun-alun Lor and Keraton Yogyakarta (Sultan Palace) right in the middle of the Post Office intersection, arguably the center of the city with wide open public spaces.

Travelers certainly will not miss to visit this area, sitting just to unwind and gather together for a companion.

Maybe for tourists who have visited the city of Kota Toea Jakarta (Old Town of Jakarta), Oud Batavia, soon felt the aura that is similar to the old buildings around the relics of the Dutch in this region, such as Bank Indonesia building, Post Office, Bank BNI and others.

When in this region, the tourists will feel as if he were in the city center, because access to various destinations attractions within easy reach, such as Malioboro and the Keraton Yogyakarta (Sultan Palace), even to the Vredeburg Museum and also Smart Park and Beringharjo Market.

It is highly recommended when you choose this area, it is better to walk, it is very difficult to park your vehicle. Besides making us walk faster to know the pulse of this culture.

It does not matter if the legs a little bit tired, but be satisfied with the experience encountered.

(Source Yogya storykota, Andie A /Images storykota, Andie A)


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