Train memories of the Ambarawa - Bedono, Central Java

Every time the train has become an effective means of transportation to move thousands of people to a place that far, all have benefited. Period is changed, the old locomotive to be decorated in the old station was ogled anyone.

Memories of trying an old train seems to be a powerful selling tool for travelers who want a return to the past, the railroad steam locomotive in the 107-year-old jagged Sub Terminal Kebonpolo, Magelang, who used to operate for Magelang-Yogyakarta route named Harkot Duisburg Am Rhein 1904 with serial number 12696.

The locomotive is ready to serve tourists took the train through the other route, Ambarawa-Bedono about 35 km from Semarang. Trip scenery, green valleys between the Mount Merbabu and Mount Ungaran.

Old locomotives and train cars of timber carrying around 100 passengers tourists, to get satisfaction through the memories of memories of the service lane for 2 hours to pay a tariff of Rp 50 thousand per passenger vv.

Travelers do not miss this unique opportunity, even if the time off from school will be easily met the children of the younger generation.

Train parents always carry passengers on a special impression, interior wood inside the carriage, locomotive sounds stomping the earth, the wind blowing through the window to add flavor memories. The trip was tired, despite all the walking slow toward the goal and return home.

Old train tour packages Ambarawa-Bedono not exclusive only to residents around the course, but the service for tourists who come in seed packets entourage became the holidays arrive, at a cost around Rp3-5 million.

Wonderful time when the season is not too hot to traverse a long path Ambarawa-Bedono, mid June to August is always an option.

(Source Dip - WartaKota, Soebagyo R - MPPI, travelKompas /Image PT KAI)


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